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ah / 1 Apr 2022


The official release for NOIA's "Desolating Blaze" is finally here today! 
THE black/thrash album 2022 is available in two different limited editions: 
1) Old-school jewelcase CD with 8-page booklet incl. all lyrics + high-quality woven logo patch: limited to only 30 copies! 
2) Extra old-school printed cassette tape with 16-panel folded cover poster: limited to 50 hand-numbered copies worldwide! 
(Vinyl is a few weeks late, but ready for preorder at our shop!)
ah / 18 Mar 2022


Are you of the right faith??

April 9th finally marks the official release for a double vinyl LP that is the soundtrack to a very special black metal/theatrical performance art piece that has been Sweden's best kept underground secret since 2021: 
More info under releases!
ah / 7 Mar 2022


Preorder starts now! More info and shop links for all formats under 'Releases'.
ah / 17 Dec 2021


"Spew Forth Odium" MC edition

The death/doom band with the prettiest melodies and the ugliest vocals in all of Germany is back with its fifth album!
Available now as black pro-tape with gold print and 16-panel color booklet, in a limited edition of 66 copies worldwide – only here at BHN!
Order now!
BHN 041
ah / 6 Oct 2021


After the premium cassette tape edition of "Dominus Profundum" people obviously wondered about the elitist medium of the hour. Despite the general pressing plant apocalypse during Corona, we managed to make it happen: the quasi-instant classic debut by Pestlegion is finally released on motherfucking vinyl!  
The records are black, limited to 300 copies worldwide, and come with a quality art print inlay including lyrics and revised artwork. Brandnew and available exclusively at our shop today!
ah / 31 Jul 2021


If you're a German speaker and enjoy rambling "behind-the-scenes" interviews with sketchy industry types you'd barely trust selling stolen loosies, good old Wahrschauer magazine has got you covered!
>> Pandemie, Konzerte, Clubs, Solidarität und Selbsthilfe. Der Berliner BLEEDING HEART NIHILIST Labelboss und Verleger Alex gewährt dem WAHRSCHAUER ein Exklusivinterview, in dem er aus seinem langjährigen Erfahrungsschatz als Leistungsträger der Independent-Kultur-Szene von interessanten Details berichtet und dazu wissenswerte Tipps gibt. 
In der urban-kulturhistorischen Kulisse im Umfeld des legendären Grips-Theaters geht es heute um Streaming, Politik, Unterstützung der Kulturschaffenden und Förderung von (Sub-)Kultur in Berlin und Deutschland überhaupt. Dabei verschafft Alex uns Einblicke in die Probleme der Kunst-, Literatur- und Musik-Szene am Beispiel der Bundeshauptstadt und benennt Probleme auch unabhängig von der aktuellen Corona-Situation. Die Erkenntnisse sind sicherlich auf andere Großstädte in Deutschland übertragbar. <<
ah / 8 Apr 2021

Pestlegion MC for collectors – 16 April 2021!

We′re proud to announce a long overdue cassette edition of Pestlegion′s album debut "Dominus Profundum", which is justifiably considered already a modern classic of German black metal.
Oh, and these exclusive tapes are strictly limited to 66 copies worldwide, so be quick!
We′re ready to take orders now at our shop!
ah / 19 Nov 2020

BHN029/BHB030 - New release on 11 december 2020!

We′re throwing one last label release out there before the end of this wonderful year, and that is gonna be the debut by FRATZE.
A concept album about freedom after mask removal is probably in danger of getting lumped in with really stupid contemporary associations, but actually it has about as much to do with Corona as with 
common subcultural styles of music, which is: fuck all.
This is not even about metal or punk anymore, but rather lovely experimental insanity somewhere between neofolk and industrial.
More info under: Releases
ah / 9 Sep 2020

Out now: WIGRID double gatefold vinyl!

"Entfremdungsmoment" plus > 20 min exclusive bonus material on 2 LPs!
ah / 2 Jul 2020


Elfenblut: "Mein starrer Blick in die Dunkelheit"

First ever re-issue of the rare and only demo by this direct predecessor of WIGRID from 1998!
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