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Cruda Sorte


Founded as a solo project by Nathanael in 2005, CRUDA SORTE transitioned into a two-piece project rooted in Depressive Suicidal Black Metal with Ohyra on drums through the first two demos. After an extended orientation stage with several line-up changes, the band settled into a lasting creative phase with M.v.V. (Veineliis, Schlaflos), which spawned two albums, one EP, one split and one demo.
After the release of "Nekrolog" and M.v.V.′s departure, Nathanael initially considered CRUDA SORTE to be finished. However, seizing some opportunities for live concerts with the help of musician friends from ANIMO AEGER and Wolfshauch, a new creative band arrangement emerged in the process, which, only few months after "Nekrolog", began working on new music. This new material was released as the third album, "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel", on 26 February 2018, here on BHN!


Nathanael - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth, Concept & Lyrics 
M.Greis - Drums 
Memnoch - Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Percussion, Recording
Session (live): 
Gråsjäl - Vocals, Guitars


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2006: Grausames Schicksal Kapitel I (Demo)
2007: Kapitel 2 (Demo)
2013: Nature of Suffering (Split Album)
2014: Cursed (Demo)
2014: Innozenz (Album)
2014: Tollwutkult (EP)
2016: Nekrolog (Album) - ORDER
2018: Ewigkeiten im Schimmel - ORDER