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Fallen Tyrant



Having started life as a solo project in 2008 already, Fallen Tyrant have been haunting the South Hessian region as a power trio since early 2011. Setting the course with their first demo MMXI CE, the band has since been perfecting their trademark black metal style with crushing, heavy metal tinged riffs, furious blastbeats and psychedelic overtones. Locked away from the world in some obscure basement in Darmstadt, the three musicians spend their days slowly forging one slab of pure hatred after another, only to sporadically appear on equally obscure stages in full facepaint and aurally assault confused audiences. Or, as the band themselves in all their pissed-off glory once stated:
"Neither do we give a fuck about new trends, nor do we let ourselves be limited by what the pretentious wannabe black metal elite deems to be "true". We create black art from the deepest pits of our souls, and your opinion is as irrelevant to that process as any so-called "scene". The product of art is for the enjoyment of the people, but the creative process is solely for the enjoyment of the artist. This is South Hessian Black Metal, fuck everyone!!!"


Fallen Tyrant - official Facebook
Fallen Tyrant - official Bandcamp




Mithras Sol Invictus - guitars & vocals
Nihlathak - bass & backing vocals
Sperrfeuer Heretic - battery


2008 – Usurpation (Demo)
2009 – Words of Wisdom, Seeds of Hate (Demo)
2011 – MMXI CE (Demo)
2013 – No World to Win, a Life to Lose (CD Album) - ORDER
2018 – Children of a Nuclear Dawn (CD + Tape Album) - ORDER