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Noia is a black/thrash metal band from Florence, Italy, formed in 2001. Two early demos with a chaotic mix (or "chaotic mess") of all kinds of stuff remained untitled and unreleased. In 2005, the band was ready for the first album "Mind oppression", the only one with a four-piece line-up. The musical direction began to be clear and that record contained all the elements that would define the typical Noia sound: a mix of all sorts of metal styles with heavy d-beat/hardcore punk influences. 
From that point onwards, they continued as a trio, and the second album "Pure Scorn" followed just one year later, with a mix of black/thrash/death metal and d-beat with detuned guitars. Between 2008 and 2009, the third album "Necessary Extinction" was recorded, basically a black thrash/speed album with the usual d-beat backbone. After a break, it took until 2013 to release the fourth album. The material for "Obstinate Sacrifice" was composed over the course of three years. making it their most heterogenous-sounding record. Three more chaotic years passed until the album "Iron death" was recorded in winter 2016, easily the fastest and rawest album since the debut, with pure black thrash/speed metal tunes from start to finish.
Arriving in the present, it’s time for the sixth album, titled "Desolating Blaze". Composed from late 2019 to mid 2020 and recorded at the end of last year, it is the band’s longest and most introvert effort to date, marking new stylistic territory with unexpected slow songs for the first time and featuring a more polished, but still organic and natural sound. With this new album, Noia signed exclusively with Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod. for a release in April 2022 on LP/CD/MC.


Lorenzo Braus – Bass 
Lorenzo Bellia – Vocals, Guitars  
Mirkö D.D. – Drums


2005: "Mind Oppression"  
2007: "Pure Scorn"  
2010: "Necessary Extinction" 
2014: "Obstinate Sacrifice"  
2018: "Iron Death" 
2021: "Desolating Blaze" (LP/CD/MC – Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod.)


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Noia - official Bandcamp