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Grown up in the depopulated remoteness of Brandenburg, where men are more like wolves than wolves themselves, that’s where the guys had their first experiences with heavy metal and punk music and joined early forces in underground bands like Toxic Trace and Moral Void. After years of wandering, finally Norkh was founded in the dark catacombs of Berlin-Marzahn in 2015. Since then they have released a DIY demo and spread their bastard of black/death metal and punk around Germany.
The band’s sound is influenced by the grimness of Darkthrone and Celtic Frost, the unleashed power of old school death metal riffs, and the rude aggression of pure thrash, which they manage to combine in a way that makes all retro posers weep. Lyrically, Norkh does not focus on any esoteric or religious bullshit, but on the natural born terror on this rotating ball of shit.
In September 2019, Norkh will release their first LP through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions.




Stefan Laurin – Vocals / Guitar
Maacki Spheres – Drum / Vocals
Janne Lånhäst – Bass / Vocals


2017 – Norkh (MC - rereleased on BHN 2019) - ORDER
2019 – Tides of Acid / Piles of Dirt (CD) - ORDER 
2019 – Tides of Acid / Piles of Dirt (Vinyl LP) - ORDER


Norkh - official Facebook
Norkh - official Bandcamp