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During the cold moons of the year MMXII, two metal musicians decided to unite their creative forces... and PESTLEGION was born. This alliance quickly grew into a quartet and PESTLEGION spewed their hatred towards humanity on the 4-track EP "March to war". In the year MMXIV, the band made a pact with Bret Hard Records, where said first strike was released in April. It features 4 apocalyptic anthems in the black metal style of the 90s – fast, heavy and in an ice-cold atmosphere.
PESTLEGION is a traditional black metal band that, in opposition to any trends, swears by what made black metal famous and infamous during the 1990s: relentlessness on an appealing technical level. In the beginning of the year MMXVII, the debut album "Dominus Profundum" was released on CD and all relevant streaming platforms via Bret Hard Rec./DA Music. The album was received positively by both the audience and pertinent media.
In spring MMXVIII, the 7"-EP "Entsage Gott" will be released through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod.. With the material from this EP and "Dominus Profundum", the band has already destroyed several national and international stages, touring with the likes of Soulburn, Unlight, Evil Invaders or Abbath′s Bömbers. Brace yourselves for a full assault of misanthropic black metal from the old school!

Line up

Tyyn - Battery 
Caladrius - 6-String Battletunes 
Tenebriz - 6-String Freezing Death 
B. von Doom - 4-String War Inferno & Voice of the Night




2014: "March to War" (EP - Bret Hard Rec.)
2017: Dominus Profundum (CD album - Bret Hard Rec.) - ORDER 
2021: Dominus Profundum (limited MC - Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod.) ORDER 
2021: Dominues Profundum (12" Vinyl - Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod.) ORDER
2018: "Entsage Gott" (Vinyl EP - Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod.) - ORDER


PESTLEGION - official Facebook