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Sunshine & Lollipops

Sunshine & Lollipops
Sunshine & Lollipops play a deliberately independent variety of extreme music apart from common scene trends, which is based on old-school black metal at the very core, but plowing through a plethora of influences from other genres with zero fucks given about listeners′ expectations.
Conceptually they likewise pay homage to respective cross-over antagonists like Carnivore or Impaled Nazarene and shit on conformist image cultivation. S&L is an artistic statement against the status quo and life itself, established as an antisocial expression of the ideological tradition of a Schopenhauer, Camus or Stirner. The band name consequentially signifies simply rejection, not parody.
Even on a visual level S&L often leave you with more questions than answers when bringing their progressively absurdist mixture of proto-blackmetal, rock′n′roll and punk to the stage. Definitely not for the narrow-minded. Perhaps not for anybody, period. 100% defiance – no candles, no mysticism, no atmosphere, no bullshit.


2013: "Heartful Of Sunshine" (7" Vinyl EP) - ORDER
2014: "Split The Indifference - Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit" (Split CD with Wigrid) - ORDER
2016: "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)" (CD) - ORDER 
2016: "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)" (LP) - ORDER




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