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Wigrid was founded in 1998 by Ulfhednir as a one man project in Saarbrücken, Germany, with the simple objective of creating black metal in the “old style”. After realizing his vision of black metal on several demo tapes, Wigrid sparked professional label interest and over the next couple of years released two acclaimed full-length albums titled "Hoffnungstod" and "Die Asche Eines Lebens", which introduced Wigrid to the international underground scene, quickly gaining a reputation and following.
Afterwards, it became rather quiet around Wigrid and Ulfhednir was withdrawing more and more from the drastically changed black metal scene, being musically active in other groups and projects. However, he managed to write and record material for a planned Wigrid EP, which didn′t see the light of day until the band Sunshine & Lollipops, friends and collaborators from the earliest days, instigated the split album "Split The Indifference - Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit", subsequently released on Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions.
Since 2015, a newly motivated Ulfhednir has specifically installed a home studio to work on the material for a complete full-length album, which was finalized in time for Wigrid′s 20-year anniversary in the spring of 2019.
“Entfremdungsmoment” will be officially released on September 11th 2019, here in its CD edition as a 2-panel Digipak with an 8-page booklet, as well as a professionally printed silver cassette tape with a double-sided 2-panel booklet in black casing – limited to only 100 copies worldwide! A vinyl edition with unreleased bonus material is also on the horizon.


1998: "Die Totgeburt Jesu Christi" (Demo)
1999: "Ort Der Einsamkeit" (Demo)
2000: "Hoffnungstod" (Demo)
2002: "Hoffnungstod" (CD album)
2005: "Die Asche Eines Lebens" (Digipak CD / Vinyl LP) - ORDER
2014: "Split The Indifference - Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit" (Split CD with Sunshine & Lollipops) - ORDER
2019: "Entfremdungsmoment" (Digipak CD) - ORDER 
2019: "Entfremdungsmoment" (MC) - ORDER 
2020: "Entfremdungsmoment" (Gatefold 2-LP) - ORDER
2020: "Elfenblut - Mein starrer Blick in die Dunkelheit" (LP) - ORDER




Only via e-mail/contact form through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. All requests to Ulfhednir/Wigrid will be personally forwarded at more or less regular intervals depending on the urgency. However, the duration of potential responses may significantly vary and can′t be reliably anticipated in most cases. Physical mail for Wigrid can also be sent to the BHN address provided in the website credits. Be prepared to possibly wait for quite a long time until actual delivery, though.
Interview requests are welcome but will only be considered with proper credentials or verifiable reference to the designated publication, broadcast or online medium in question!
No bookings for Wigrid available.
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