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BHN042 / BHN044: Sunshine & Lollipops - "The 8 Circuits of Unconsciousness"

CD/MC, released 25 November 2022 
BHN 042/044
It’s been six long years since the full-length debut by Germany’s self-proclaimed “last black metal band”, so the trio seized the opportunity to go all in this time. Constantly overstepping the fine line between pretentious and edgy, they came out with an album which turned out progressive, yet raw, technical, yet catchy, and even oddly retro at times – but always radical and fresh, in a way that reinvents elements from many different metal styles and genre shades to something organically unexpected, bold and unique:
On the one hand, you’ll find S&L’s signature in-your-face aggression like the opener with its reminiscences to Kreator-like thrash and Darkthrone-ish 80s metal, the crusty punk’n’roll smasher “(We Are the) G.O.A.T.”, or the all-encompassing inferno “Possessed by Life” that deals with the philosophy of Max Stirner’s The Ego and Its Own. On the other hand, there’s a musical contrast in slow burners like “Firdaus.0” (a homage to Egyptian feminist Nawal El Saadawi) or the grand finale (and first video single) “Of Vanishing & Vanity”, which take a more grandiose, avantgardistic approach while not trying to hide the rock songwriting imprint of classic Danzig – not to mention the complete reset during the eerie David Lynchian synthstrumental “While My Guitar Violently Pukes”, where the title says it all.
Conceptually, the album is framed by allusions to psychedelic icon Timothy Leary’s 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness, which is however turned on its head in many ways, as very bluntly put in “Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Off”. The song lyrics all stand on their own and often draw inspiration from the literary and art world, such as Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Idea, Kerouac’s Vanity of Duluoz, or surrealist Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, but also more general themes like the nihilist re-interpretation of old scorpion/snake fables in “Colubrum In Sinu Fovebas (Serpent Vision)”, with its melancholy 90s throwback black metal harmonies.
Produced by Michael Horn and mastered by Patrick W. Engel (Desaster, Sodom, Darkthrone), the sound was designed to combine modern transparency and attack with unpolished old-school dynamics using little compression and – unlike the songs themselves – as few layers as possible.
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BHN037/BHN038/BHN039: Noia - "Desolating Blaze"

CD/LP/MC, released 1. April 2022 
BHN 037/038/039
Noia is a three-piece from Florence, Italy, formed in 2001. Starting out as a mix of all sorts of raw and fast metal styles, the music was also deeply rooted in d-beat and hardcore punk. Over the years, they recorded several albums in differing line-ups centered around mastermind Lorenzo Bellia. The musical direction was naturally filtered with each recording until they found their typical Noia sound, which still contains all the core elements since their inception, but was boiled down to a fierce old-school thrash beast with a striking black metal backbone and some classic 80s influences.
"Desolating Blaze" is their sixth album and the band’s longest and most introvert effort to date. On the one hand, it could be considered the darkest and grimmest they ever wrote, with lots of raging blast beats and pure 2nd-wave Norwegian style black metal parts. On the other hand, it also shows Noia marking some new stylistic territory with unexpectedly slow songs for the first time and even occasional synth soundscapes to create a subtle mystic atmosphere while steering clear of any schmaltz. But most importantly, Noia ‘22 put an emphasis on always finding the sweet spot between brutal and technical and creating coherent songs, instead of just following the formula to fit specific genre standards – they're all great individual tracks that stand on their own and still manage to represent the band’s full range.
The album was recorded in Bellia’s own analog studio and features a more polished but still natural sound, which gives the music just the right organic production without sounding deliberately underground-cheap; meaning it's heavy as hell but doesn't try too hard to display some trendy idea of ultra-backward black/thrash.
In short: if you’re both into raw old-school black metal and authentic, skilled speed-thrash beyond the played-out retro hype you get to hear every day, Noia’s "Desolating Blaze" has six tailor-made anthems waiting for you!

BHN032/BHN033: Pestlegion - "Dominus Profundum"

12" LP, released 8 October 2021 / limited MC, released 16 April 2021 
BHN 033
2017 saw the release of the first full-length album by the "whiskey-fueled" old-schoolers from Germany's infamous Ruhr region. A journey to the good old times: 10 tracks celebrating relentless, primeval 90s black metal at its most traditional, in a perfection which is very, very rare these days – let alone in Germany. A modern old-school classic that also should be enjoyed as such: on black wax with a quality glossy inlay, limited to 300 copies worldwide. Furthermore, BHN presents an exclusive extra-limited edition of Pestlegion′s album debut, for the first time on cassette tape! Black pro-tapes with white printed labels and 16-panel art print booklet. Only 66 copies worldwide.

BHN031: Lebend Relique - "Lebend Relique"

Limited MC, released 29 June 2020 
BHN 031
Lebend Relique is a one-time project by M.C. (Shit Hexis, Nihil Obstat) and T.K. (Wigrid, Scherbenschädel), musically based mostly on early and pure black metal, interspersed with maximally raw doom chunks, which, through repeatedly unexpected, abrupt dynamics, creates a unique somber ambience meandering through the entire playing time. Conceptually, the almost poetic German lyrics invoking an occult and antichristian mood of despair, against the backdrop of obscure samples and the unorthodox graphic presentation, paint an equally original and bleak artistic and atmospheric overall picture, that defies any comparison to generic scene bands.
Recorded already in 2013, this is the first time the material is officially distributed on tape, as a handmade BHN cassette edition limited to 50 pieces: set of white pro-tape in individual wrapping, with exclusive sticker, patch, button, and lyric sheet inlay.

BHN024 / BHN025: Fvneral Fvkk - "Carnal Confessions"

12" Vinyl LP/Limited MC, released 27 September 2019 
BHN 024
The foul priests of lewdness are back. After the surprising semi-success of the 2017 EP “Lecherous Liturgies” (BHN013), the high council of the “Church of the Holy Fvkk” returns with its first full-length album “Carnal Confessions” – and the title is appropriate. 
FVNERAL FVKK combine the pastoral beauty of a cathedral (musically) with the vile infidelity of a cemetery prostitute (lyrically). They dedicate their solemn hymns of despair solely to the glory of the demented will of God and his child-raping, law-breaking and world-exploiting clerics. 
After the EP, live ceremonies quickly followed, preaching the perverted gospel at festivals and club shows in all of Germany and some close-by countries, gathering more and more apostles of filth along the way. The lyrics almost exclusively deal with real incidents of religious... uh... “mishaps” of violation and abuse, and thus we invite all you pathetic sinners to chant along to these brand new hymns of Doom Metal depravity. 
Remember: the dirtier your bible, the cleaner your soul!

BHN023: Norkh - "Norkh"

Limited MC, released 16 August 2019 
BHN 023
Exclusive BHN rerelease of the 2017 debut demo recording by NORKH on pro-tape in printed white casing and full-color double-sided booklet with updated artwork. MC edition limited to 100 copies!

BHN018 / BHN019 / BHN020: Wigrid - "Entfremdungsmoment"

Digipak CD album/Limited MC/Gatefold 2-LP, released 11 September 2019 
BHN 018
Since the split with S&L (BHN004), a newly motivated Ulfhednir has specifically installed a home studio to work on the material for a complete full-length album, which was finalized in time for Wigrid′s 20-year anniversary in the spring of 2019.  
The end result comprises six tracks under the title “Entfremdungsmoment”, which pick up right where the last album left off, while still integrating all early Wigrid trademarks since the first demos. At the same time, it shows undeniable progress in terms of matured songwriting and elaborate arrangements. The album effectively combines Wigrid’s heaviest side of classic black metal riffing over blast beats with likewise familiar, rather modern elements of quasi-post-metalish atmosphere; interrupted by the unmistakable minimalistic, hypnotic instrumentals on guitar and keyboard, which complete the sound cosmos of Wigrid in its unrivaled melancholy. Finally, for the first time ever, this album features an entirely independent production process – including real analog drums and a radically improved sound mix by Ulfhednir himself.  
“Entfremdungsmoment” will be officially released on September 11th 2019, here in its CD edition as a 2-panel Digipak with an 8-page booklet, as well as a professionally printed silver cassette tape with a double-sided 2-panel booklet in black casing – limited to only 100 copies worldwide! A vinyl edition with unreleased bonus material is also on the horizon.

BHN 015: Pestlegion - "Entsage Gott"

7" Vinyl, released 11 June 2018 
BHN 015
In 2018, PESTLEGION made a pact with BLEEDING HEART NIHILIST PRODUCTIONS to implement a special separate recording in order to finally present their initial artistic vision in an appropriate manner: on vinyl!
For this purpose, they created two new songs, which under the banner "Entsage Gott" represent everything that embodies PESTLEGION in a nutshell: hypnotic tremolo riffing, demonic screams and storming blastbeats, somewhere between the grim aggression of Norwegian pioneer work and the precise fury of the Swedish trailblazers, with a dash of crude Finnish insanity. Nonetheless, PESTLEGION distinguish themselves from the bulk of the current and established domestic scene. Atmosphere is not achieved through endless repetition of simple motifs or obnoxious synth cues, but is based on versed songwriting and thought-out harmony. Despite all rawness, there′s always attention on melodies in tune with the distinctive message, to accomplish a catchy and coherent artwork. The whole is deliberately embedded in a sound design set for maximum noise and roughness, while still packing a clear modern punch.
In short: simply real, authentic black metal without compromises on an appealing technical level, which revives the true spirit while rejecting all modern post-metal conformity and imbecile political extremist provocation.
"Entsage Gott" will be released on June 6 2018 on BHN Prod. as 7" vinyl EP. Prepare for a full assault of pure unadulterated misanthropic black metal!

BHN 013: Fvneral Fvkk - "Lecherous Liturgies"

7" Vinyl EP, released 7 July 2017 
BHN 013
FVNERAL FVKK bring the depravity back to a genre which is starving for more filth. Corrupting members of the german cult acts FÄULNIS and OPHIS, this new, rotten entity emerged from the pits of sodomy in Hamburg/Germany. Formed in early 2015, its sole purpose is to celebrate the sacral, angelic atmosphere of Epic Doom Metal… and then rape it all over. 
FVNERAL FVKK combine the pastoral beauty and solemnity of a cathedral (musically) with the infidelity and vileness of a cemetary prostitute (semantically), with lyrics that deal exclusively with the debauchery of the clergy and / or necrophilia in the name of god. His Holiness is a foul pervert, and this band serves as vessel of His demented will!
Hand-numbered, limited to 450 copies.

BHN 012: Animo Aeger - "KotzeAdel"

CD album, released 12 December 2016 
BHN 012
Seven years after the recordings for the album "Storchenwahrheit, -wirklichkeit" the weird duo ANIMO AEGER returns with the new full-length "KotzeAdel" on Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. 
The seven songs combine furious riffing with melancholic, at times almost solemn melodies, progressively complex song structures and, of course, the manic vocal performance which has long become a major trademark of the band′s unconventional style. 
If you′re searching for something that features the aggression of Black Metal as well as the scornful impudence of a punk band permanently high on angeldust, this album might just be your revelation.

BHN 010: Sandy Leather - "Sandy Leather"

12" Vinyl LP, released 20 August 2016
BHN 010
Sandy Leather is a music project founded in August 2013 in Berlin, Germany, that describes their unpretentious and unique blend of styles simply as “Witch Rock“. At this point we could pay homage to the obvious classics of doom and stoner rock or make comparisons to the latest occult 70s retro best sellers, but Sandy Leather cannot be so easily narrowed down with rigid genre lines, and they don′t cater to certain commercial scene trends. The powerful driving melodies and hypnotic beats transport a distinct 80s feeling that feels right at home in NWOBHM and at the same time rekindles various wave-punk traditions. Like a wicked version of early Banshees on proto-metal, Sandy Leather allows the audience to merge with the elements and the universe, while their lyrics likewise deal with the mighty powers, forces and weaknesses of Nature, Man, Animal and the Spirit.  
The young coven, founded by two witches and two wizards, already gathered lots of live experience before first capturing this energy in the studio. The first self-titled album of Sandy Leather was recorded in spring 2015 at Big Snuff Studio Berlin by Richard Behrens. It contains six songs with a playing time of approx. 40min. The record comes as extra-heavy 180g vinyl with huge full-color poster.

BHN 007 / BHN 008: Sunshine & Lollipops - "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)"

CD album / 12" Vinyl LP, released 29 February 2016 / 13 April 2016
BHN 007
Sunshine & Lollipops were formed in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and already showcased a deliberately idiosyncratic version of extreme music, at best loosely correlating with traditional Norwegian black metal, on their debut EP "Heartful of Sunshine" (2013) and a split CD with WIGRID (2014).  
With "Empty (Always Look On the Dull Side)", they are now presenting their first full-length album, trying to further distinguish themselves from common scene trends by establishing a unique blend of styles, which, musically, still exhibits a black metal foundation that also incorporates various influences from thrash, rock and punk, while conceptually channeling respective crossover mavericks like Carnivore or Impaled Nazarene as well. The band name accordingly doesn′t represent vapid underground parody, as Sunshine & Lollipops rather strive to emancipate themselves from scene-conformist image cultivation through musical achievement, and also lyrically negate superficial preconceptions about being a "joke band".  
The album contains eight tracks with a total playing time of approximately 42:30min with professional production by Sebastian Braunreuther (MixBerlin)

BHN 005: Graverape Ritual - "Against The Rotten Music Industry"

Digipak CD, released 19 May 2014
BHN 005
This is the official Bleeding Heart Nihilist re-release of the initially independently produced debut album by Graverape Ritual from Stockholm. "Against the Rotten Music Industry" contains 14 tracks of brutal, no-holds-barred groove thrash metal in the vein of 90s Slayer and Pantera, with a unique melodic touch at times reminiscent of Swedish death metal pioneers such as At The Gates or Hypocrisy. Includes a cover version of GG Allin′s "The Highest Power"!

BHN 003: Siniestro - "Oppression Of The Sunlight"

Digipak CD, released 26 May 2014
BHN 003
This is the debut release by Stockholm based metal punks Siniestro, featuring six tracks touching on a wide array of heavy styles. There′s something for fans of brutal, modern thrash with the groove of Pantera and the aggression of The Haunted, there′s an influence of scum punk and NY hardcore, and there′s even classically inspired acoustic pieces - all skillfully blended together into a coherent, intoxicating cocktail that′s sure to kick your ass.

BHN 001: Sunshine & Lollipops - "Heartful Of Sunshine"

7" Vinyl EP, released 10 June 2013
"Heartful of Sunshine" is the vinyl-only debut release by the Berlin-based Anarcho Black Metal project Sunshine & Lollipops. It contains two tracks with a playing time of roughly 12 minutes, which manifest inspirations by Norwegian bands of the early 90s such as Darkthrone, Satyricon or Dödheimsgard, as well as influences from old-school Black Metal like Venom or early Samael, and merge those through punky aggression into a homogenous yet individual, intricately structured style. The speed mostly ranges between blastbeat outbursts and thrashy mid-tempo, executed as raw as possible without turning dull. With regards to the lyrical conceptuality, don′t let the curious title fool you, by the way: S&L is concerned mainly with philosophical nihilism and revolt as suggested by Camus rather than inner auroral delight. The bitterly antisocial and pessimist attitude on display even compares to the fatalistic cynicism of Impaled Nazarene or Carnivore′s wacky apocalypse gimmick.

BHN040 / BHN045: Shit Hexis - "Shit Hexis"

Digipak/MC, released 30 December 2022 
BHN 040/045
Shit Hexis crawled out of the sludgy filth to spit in the eyes of nowadays so-called black metal. Shitting on every kind of national or heathen regressions, the two-piece is vomiting out the reeking stench of an all-embracing void. A void that isn’t rooted in occultist or esoteric bullshit, it’s a void that seeps out of the cracks in mankind‘s history of alienated work.
On their self-titled debut, Shit Hexis celebrate the rawest of old-school black metal in the vein of Darkthrone’s A Blaze in the Northern Sky and 80s Samael, when atmosphere weighed heavier than blastbeats, before slowly putting it through the LoFi-Doom grinder and spicing it up with a hint of 
Black Flagesque Noise-H.C. The German lyrics put up a contrast to the expectations build up by both band name and black metal clichés and rather rekindle the revolutionary spirit of German proto-punks Ton Steine Scherben – just much more dismal. A poetic and minimalistic tour de force 
through estrangement, anarchy, and decay.

BHN035: Korpelarörelsen - "Är du av den rätta tron"

Limited Gatefold 2-LP, released 9 April 2022 
BHN 035
„Är du av den rätta tron“ („Are you of the right faith?“) is a professional soundtrack production to an avantgarde theatrical extravaganza that’s been performed in Sweden anywhere from outdoor markets to royal state theaters since 2021 and is designated for premieres across the rest of Europa. The concept is modeled after the religious mass by an actual proto-satanic UFO-cult by the same name that was active 100 years ago. The lyrics chronologically deal with their history, their gospel and the speculative arrival of their prophecies and are versatilely accompanied by a wide range of musical means featuring a full metal band: sepulchral preachings of the prophet answered by his screaming disciples are accompanied by ambient synth-scapes and analog experimental noise, only to be interrupted by the rawest scandinavian black metal mixed with old-school death/thrash cannonades, before everything gives way to an infernal pagan metal heresy based on a Finnish folk song.
Avantgarde meets underground meets radio drama, against the backdrop of real events – which are worth re-discovering not only for enthusiasts of the macabre and the occult, but for every fan of original, exceptional metal art.  
Are you of the right faith? Save yourself a spot on the silver ark:

BHN041: Ophis - "Spew Forth Odium"

Limited MC, released 17 December 2021 
BHN 041
The death/doom band with the prettiest melodies and the ugliest vocals in all of Germany is back with its fifth album! Evil like early Samael and tormented like My Dying Bride in their heyday, it's enough to drown you in nostalgia – if you still had a soul left to give a shit after this. In over 60 minutes of playing time without one dull moment, these 6 songs drag you down to regions lower than crying. If you're into both funeral doom and old-school death metal, or you just enjoy wallowing in total hopelessness, this will be your favorite album of 2021.
The official MC version comes as a black pro-tape with gold print and 16-panel color booklet, in a limited edition of 66 copies worldwide!

BHN029 / BHN030: Fratze - "Am Anfang war der Irrtum"

Digipak CD album/Limited MC, released 11 December 2020 
BHN 029
The grimace (German: “Fratze”) is a distorted form of expression. This distortion always has its origin in the being hidden behind the grimace. In this case, music is acted out as a mode of grimacing – meaning a struggle with, and a distortion of, inner states of mind and thought – whereas every grimace has its own character. Its own element. Its own effect.  
In this allegory, the symbolism of the mask as a cultural superego is construed to conceal the grimace as true, inner expression, making its removal a personal act of exposure, which finally results in a natural condition of individual freedom.
Conventional listening habits are consistently ignored, if not deliberately negated, which is reflected both in the partially glaring heterogeneity of the individual tracks and in the general mode of composition, which will rarely satisfy the acquired expectations of customary popular music even of the extreme, uncommercial kind. And this disruption already starts at the choice of tools, insofar as the applied instrumentation not only changes throughout, but appears in unusual combinations to boot.  
The melodic themes are led partly by folkloristic acoustic guitars, partly by retro-synth sounds; the rhythmic foundation is sometimes set in subtle grounds of various analogue percussion elements, sometimes poured into concrete molds of harsh electronic beats. This frame is coated with multiple layers of more or less dominant home-made instruments, whose origin is not always recognizable at first: from a variety of membranophones, to obscure melodic mallet instruments and steel drums, as well as buzz saw blades, wheelbarrows and stones. Everything finally topped off with monotonous chanting voices, which serve rather as atmospheric devices than to introduce independent melodic motifs. 
The resulting songs meander constantly between wavy neofolk and old-school industrial noise, with various influences from progressive avantgarde black metal. But as soon as you get settled in a musical mood, FRATZE surprises time and time again with unexpected accents giving each song an additional unique touch, such as sudden ultra-distortion guitar cues, diverse violent vocal eruptions, or delicate exotic flute leads.
The album’s visual concept is designed along a thread of the solo artist’s tattoo body art, which emblematizes the personified lyrical process of identification. Its patterns are treated as thematic parallels to the Jungian archetypes of the collective unconscious.  
Analogous to Cartesian epistemology, where all sense of being relies on doubt, awareness here is based on original, fundamental error (German: “Irrtum”). In reference to the metaphorical ancient folk paradox in logic, the question for the reason of reasons doesn’t aim for either chicken or egg, but implies a categorical causality fallacy. Thrust into unmasked existence, the individual creature experiences failure of free development caused by a discrepancy of imposed cultural illusion and ugly reality hidden underneath. It targets the objective of self-discovery after removal of the chimerical masquerade in order to overcome the error, this resolving the principal existentialist contradiction.

BHN028: Elfenblut - "Mein starrer Blick in die Dunkelheit"

Vinyl LP, released 3 July 2020 
BHN 028
The only demo of this chronologically and musically direct Wigrid predecessor. These first recordings Ulfhednir ever made back in 1998 can be described as raw black metal with a distinctive early Burzum influence, mixed up with melancholy dungeon synth and minimalist ambient tracks.
Now for the first time on vinyl in cooperation with Narbentage Prod. On 12" LP limited to 300 copies, 66 of which come with exclusive embroidered album patch!

BHN026 / BHN027: Norkh - "Tides of Acid // Piles of Dirt"

12" Vinyl LP/CD album, released 20 September 2019 
BHN 026
Grown up in the depopulated remoteness of Brandenburg, where men are more like wolves than wolves themselves, that’s where the guys behind Norkh had their first experiences with heavy metal and punk music and joined early forces in underground bands like Toxic Trace and Moral Void. Finally, after years of wandering, Norkh was founded in the dark catacombs of Berlin-Marzahn in 2015. Since then they have released a demo (BHN023) and spread their bastard of black/death metal and punk around Germany.  
The band’s sound is influenced by the grimness of Darkthrone and Celtic Frost, the unleashed power of old school death metal riffs, and the rude aggression of pure thrash, which they manage to combine in a way that should make all modern retro posers weep. Lyrically, Norkh does not focus on any esoteric or religious bullshit either, but strictly on the natural born terror on this rotating ball of shit we call earth. 
With "Tides of Acid // Piles of Dirt", Norkh releases their first LP through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions – a celebration of true extreme underground metal in all its hellish facets in eight furious songs.

BHN021 / BHN022: Arcane Frost - "Dragged Into the Void"

Digipak CD album/Limited MC, released 6 September 2019 
BHN 021
Arcane Frost was founded in 2015 in a classic line-up by three musicians from Lower Saxony, already noted for underground projects such as Cryptic Brood, Demored and Repulsive Feast. Stilistically, Arcane Frost is clearly separated and exclusively celebrates atmospheric black metal in its purest and most traditional form. And where so many nostalgia acts fail, Arcane Frost manage to walk the fine line between retro-rawness and musicality: despite narrowest genre lines, the original, hypnotic songwriting makes the music sound as fresh as some classics from the Norwegian old school. Emphasized by a deliberately rough and minimalistic, but clearly defined production, Arcane Frost deliver an authentic 90s vibe without ever resorting to imitation.  
After 2017’s self-released demo “Cosmic Winter”, Arcane Frost further processed their musical concept through the experience of numerous live shows and will now release “Dragged Into the Void” - a debut EP containing four new anthems that suck the listener into an absorbing undertow of icy atmosphere and ravening darkness.  
“Dragged Into the Void” comes as a strictly limited tape version, as well as on CD in a Digipak edition which additionally contains the tracks from the sought-after demo as an exclusive bonus with a total playing time of 31:45 minutes.

BHN 017: Fallen Tyrant - "Children of a Nuclear Dawn"

Digipak CD album, released 19 November 2018 
BHN 017
Founded in 2008 as a solo project, Fallen Tyrant have been going about their wretched business as a power trio in the German Rhein-Main area since the beginning of 2011. The marching order was clear since the first collective demo – after which Fallen Tyrant perfected their own blend of brute 90s black metal, a distinct heavy metal impact and psychedelic influences. Locked away from the world in some obscure basement in Darmstadt, without limitations by trends or what the pretentious wannabe black metal elite deems to be "true", the three musicians spend their days slowly forging one slab of pure hatred after another, only to sporadically appear on equally obscure stages in full facepaint and aurally assault confused audiences.
Fallen Tyrant play old-school black metal. Not more and certainly not less. Soaring tremolo riffs, furious blast beat attacks, droning distorted bass and harsh and angry vocals are the armament of this South-Hessian war machine. But on the seven songs of the second full-length album Children of a Nuclear Dawn, they manage to use these most conservative means to inflict maximum creative damage. And this is not only due to special features like subtle saxophone and synth appearances on "Shifting Tides Along the Rhine" and "Astronomy" or scattered clean vocals parts, but simply through original and intelligent songwriting with charakter, skills and melody – as well as a good sense for the roots of heavy music.
Children of a nuclear dawn, rise!

BHN 016: Hermann - "disart brut: mausoleum"

12" Gatefold Vinyl, released 6 August 2018 
BHN 016
After an elaborately designed special tape edition of "prinzhorn kolloquium" was already released on Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions in 2016, the official second album "disart brut: mausoleum" will now once again come out on BHN – for now exclusively on vinyl, in a premium quality gatefold edition, limited to 300 pieces.
"disart brut: mausoleum" was recorded during the summer of 2017 at Englsound studio, Berlin, and eventually finalized in mastering by Jan Oberg (Hidden Planet). It offers 7 pieces that are generally rooted in black metal, incorporating various influences from doom, death and crust. While often vaguely compared to Darkthrone, Bethlehem or Totenmond for reference, HERMANN has certainly managed to establish a consistent individual band sound with an equally characteristic lyrical concept since the beginning.
This album stays true to the style established on the debut. The general mood of the first recording is further refined, with the lyrics once again being presented in the German mother tongue. The separate pieces are each very diversified and unique, while still forming a coherent unit as an album. Through the interconnected introduction and fading out of the final song, the oevre is structurally embedded in an unsettling sonic framework. In between, sluggish, grinding parts meet frantic blastbeats, to be in turn dissolved by hammering staccato attacks. Extravagant accents, such as the use of an almost disintegrated accordion ("pervitin") or the HERMANN interpretation of a traditional Eastern European dirge ("die pauke vier mal"), adorn an across-the-board unconventional album, which, if not very typical for the genre in its free-spirited variety, is accordingly exciting and unpredictable.

BHN 014: Cruda Sorte - "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel"

CD album, released 26 February 2018 
BHN 014
After several line-up changes finally the third album by CRUDA SORTE from Berlin, Germany. Stylistically, all generic genre inhibitions were cast aside by now, to create an original, diversified yet traditionalist work, which at the same time represents black metal in its primordial facets, as well as transcending it with alien musical counterpoints influences – as most blatantly showcased on the track "Spinnentanz und Giftbefall" for instance. Generally, "Ewigkeiten im Schimmel" lives off a mostly down-to-earth foundation of raw and atmospheric black metal, which is wrapped by Memnoch′s lead guitar and capped off by the whole range of extreme vocals of the three contributing singers.
Even though the album, for the first time in CRUDA SORTE history, doesn′t follow a typical concept, the songs are still lyrically connected. Death, ruin, and the inherent finiteness form the major themes. In this context, the eponymous "Schimmel" ("mold") is treated as a symbol for something "new", something "creational", which enters life as something collapses and disintegrates, while examining different forms and conceptions of eternity – without stooping to played out "circle of life" hippie platitudes.

BHN 011: Siniestro - "Revelations in Mayhem"

Digipak CD, released 19 December 2016 
BHN 011
The second Siniestro release "Revelations in Mayhem" shows the band matured and progressing at the same time. Siniestro managed to improve on all their trademarks from "Oppression of the Sunlight" without any compromise: the brutally fast and technically most proficient thrash is more present than ever and you′ll still savor all the anthemic modern groove and rowdy punk vibe that distinguished Siniestro from the retro crowd since Day 1.  
However, as arguably the main advance, you′ll find that they added a good amount of morbid black metal spirit into the delicate mix, which turns Siniestro into a whole new demented beast on this recording.  
To guarantee the appropriate state-of-the-art sound, the album was mastered by no other than globally renowned producer Jens Bogren (Kreator, Rotting Christ, Arch Enemy etc.). As on the previous CD, all artwork was once again designed by distinguished French artist Pascal Cataye to package this musical statement in an adequate aesthetic Digipak as well.

BHN 009: Hermann - "Prinzhorn Kolloquium"

Cassette tape, released 9 May 2016
BHN 009
Doomy black metal from Berlin, Germany. Debut album by the band featuring members of Essenz and 100,000 Tonnen Kruppstahl, 6 songs with 33 minutes playing time.
Double-sided pro-tape in special cardboard slipcase, including booklet and all lyrics printed on woodfree parchment paper. Strictly limited to 121 hand-numbered copies!

BHN 006: Der Feind - "Der Feind"

7" Vinyl EP, released 11 May 2015
BHN 006
′′525 pressed. Black Vinyl. 280g printed cardboard cover. Printed inner sleeve. 8 songs. In about 10 minutes. Backmasking track on side B. Endless loop after last track.′′
DER FEIND was formed in 2010 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Notorious live act. This is their second release following the long sold-out cassette demo tape from 2013. This EP features 8 songs of fast and raw hardcore punk. More precisely: Marinecore. Simple riffs. Nasty lyrics. No senseless nihilism. No hippie shit. No fake. But fun. Killer production and mix from Archi Alert (of INFERNO, VELLOCET, TERRORGRUPPE). Over before you know it. So get it before it′s gone. Trust us: Der Feind ist der Feind.

BHN 004: Wigrid / Sunshine & Lollipops

"Split The Indifference - Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit"

Split CD, released 21 July 2014
BHN 004
"Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)" is a split album by the bands Wigrid and Sunshine & Lollipops, each contributing two new and unreleased tracks.
For Wigrid this marks the first musical activity since 2005! After the release of sophomore album "Die Asche eines Lebens" things got rather quiet around Wigrid, even though Ulfhednir, sole driving force behind the one-man-band, came up with new material for a planned EP and also recorded it. However, any ties to the former label had been cut in the meantime and Ulfhednir was withdrawing more and more from the deteriorating black metal scene. Consequently, the recording never saw the light of day - until now finally being released through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. Wigrid′s album share accounts for two new tracks, one of which consists of a kind of ambient-like sound collage, while the other with a running time of more than 10 minutes is a refined continuation of the suicidal/depressive Black Metal style known from earlier works.
Sunshine & Lollipops is a fairly recent Berlin-based band that represents a more old-school interpretation of Black Metal and whose musical roots could be situated somewhere between Venom and the early Norwegians. Regarding the lyrical concept, the name is rather misleading, though: S&L is concerned mainly with Schopenhauerian nihilism and revolt as interpreted by Albert Camus; although - or perhaps for that reason precisely – without taking themselves all-too seriously. Hence the attempted stilistic self-characterization as Absurdist Anarcho-Blackmetal. In addition to the two exclusive new tracks, this album contains two remastered songs from S&L′s 2012 debut 7“ EP "Heartful of Sunshine" (BHN001) as a bonus.

BHN 002: The Razorquillz - "II"

CD album, released 28 October 2013
Three years after the debut „Don′t Think In Words“ here′s finally the second album by the Berlin „Hair Punk“ threepiece around front woman Alia, with all the material heard on tour in the meantime, as well as brand-new, never performed songs! Musically, this is much more diverse, showcasing the Razorquillz′ evolution into a rock band comfortably covering all the bases from classic hard rock to raw punk, even venturing out into full-blown metal or country territory at times. Whether you′re into Motörhead, Danzig, Turbonegro or Thin Lizzy - there′s something for everybody who knows real rock′n′roll!