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Fallen Tyrant: "Children of a Nuclear Dawn"

Fallen Tyrant play old-school black metal. Not more and certainly not less. Soaring tremolo riffs, furious  
blast beat attacks, droning distorted bass and harsh and angry vocals are the armament of this South-Hessian war machine. But on the seven songs of the second full-length album Children of a Nuclear Dawn, they manage to use these most conservative means to inflict maximum creative damage. And this is not only due to special features like subtle saxophone and synth appearances on "Shifting Tides Along the Rhine" and "Astronomy" or scattered clean vocals parts, but simply through original and intelligent songwriting with charakter, skills and melody – as well as a good sense for the roots of heavy music.
Digipak CD, 4 panels, 8 pages full-color booklet, limited to 300 pieces
Fallen Tyrant: "Children of a Nuclear Dawn"
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