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Hermann: "disart brut: mausoleum"


On their second album "disart brut: mausoleum", HERMANN offer 7 pieces that are generally rooted in black metal, incorporating various influences from doom, death and crust. While often vaguely compared to Darkthrone, Bethlehem or Totenmond for reference, HERMANN has certainly managed to establish a consistent individual band sound with an equally characteristic lyrical concept since the beginning. 
The album stays true to the style established on the debut. The general mood of the first recording is further refined, with the lyrics once again being presented in the German mother tongue. The separate pieces are each very diversified and unique, while still forming a coherent unit as an album. Through the interconnected introduction and fading out of the final song, the oevre is structurally embedded in an unsettling sonic framework. In between, sluggish, grinding parts meet frantic blastbeats, to be in turn dissolved by hammering staccato attacks. Extravagant accents, such as the use of an almost disintegrated accordion ("pervitin") or the HERMANN interpretation of a traditional Eastern European dirge ("die pauke vier mal"), adorn an across-the-board unconventional album, which, if not very typical for the genre in its free-spirited variety, is accordingly exciting and unpredictable.
Hermann: "disart brut: mausoleum"
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