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Mangel: ”Defizitär”



The certified lowlight-deficient debut by Berlin's newest D-beat detonators: 6 full-throttle tracks down the one-way autobahn to d-beat-town with distinctive vocals and cool German lyrics from the social abyss.
Limited, handnumbered edition of 100 copies!

Undarlih: ”Death Comes in Winter”

2023 re-release of the first mini-album by Undarlih from Northern Germany. Hellhammer meets 90s black metal, retro sound with a twist and badass production. 
Purple pro-tapes, limited to 66 copies!

Minenfeld / Hermann: ”Kernsplittung”


MC - limited edition!

Split cassette release with four exclusive new tracks by Germany′s Bolt Thrower worshippers #1, Minenfeld, and the black/doom/crust juggernaut from Berlin.
Black tape shells with white print and double-sided 4-panel booklet.  
Limited and handnumbered to 100 copies!

Smoke Weaver: ”Ashen Maw”

Debut EP of a new German project featuring members of Arcane Frost/Cryptic Brood. As opposed to those bands, this is however pure stoner doom, nicely reduced to its core elements the old-school way, sprinkled with just a hunch of sludge. The diverse vocals alternate between a clean voice and nice different growls.
Printed protape, limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

Sunshine & Lollipops: ”The 8 Circuits of Unconsciousness”

You love black metal in both its first and second wave varieties and can seamlessly jump between complex extremes and traditional metal? But you also kinda hate black metal nowadays for its degenerated repetitiveness, meaningless posturing and overall lack of balls? Great! Get ready for S&L to fire up your full neuronal circuitry at once and knock you delightfully unconscious.
16 panel full-color booklet with lyrics, special bi-color printed cassette shell with case inside extra color-printed cardboard sleeve. Handnumbered and limited to 50 copies!
Sunshine & Lollipops: ”The 8 Circuits of Unconsciousness”
8.00 EUR
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Noia: ”Desolating Blaze” MC

Printed pro-tape + 16-panel folded cover poster, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies!
>> ”Desolating Blaze” is already the sixth album by the Italian three-piece. Their formerly wild mix of speed metal deeply rooted in d-beat and hardcore punk has boiled down to a typical and unique Noia sound: a fierce old-school thrash beast with a striking black metal backbone and some classic 80s influences.
With its pure Norwegian style black metal parts, the record could be considered the darkest and grimmest they ever wrote, but it also shows the band marking some new stylistic territory with slow atmospheric songs. Noia 2022 put an emphasis on finding the sweet spot between brutal and technical to create great individual songs instead of just following the formula of specific genres – all tracks stand on their own and still manage to represent the band’s wide range. The album features a polished but organic analog sound, which gives the music just the right production without sounding deliberately underground-cheap; meaning it′s heavy as hell but doesn′t try too hard to display some trendy idea of ultra-backward black/thrash. 
In short: if you’re both into raw old-school black metal and authentic, skilled speed-thrash beyond the played-out retro hype you get to hear every day, Noia’s ”Desolating Blaze” has six tailor-made anthems waiting for you! <<