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Minenfeld / Hermann: ”Kernsplittung”


12” LP

Split LP with four exclusive new tracks by Germany's Bolt Thrower worshippers #1, Minenfeld, and the black/doom/crust juggernaut from Berlin.

Sunshine & Lollipops: ”The 8 Circuits of Unconsciousness”


Limited edition 12” LP

The new album on black vinyl, limited to 250 copies. Comes with 250g full-color cardboard inlay.
You love black metal in both its first and second wave varieties and can seamlessly jump between complex extremes and traditional metal? But you also kinda hate black metal nowadays for its degenerated repetitiveness, meaningless posturing and overall lack of balls? Great! Get ready for S&L to fire up your full neuronal circuitry at once and knock you delightfully unconscious.
Sunshine & Lollipops: ”The 8 Circuits of Unconsciousness”
19.00 EUR
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Trigger / Run Time Error: ”Split”

12” LP

2010 split album by TRIGGER from Glauchau, Germany with extreme grinding power violence/fastcore and RUN TIME ERROR from Leipzig, Germany with moshing grindcore the old-school UK way. 23 songs of total underground grind terror.

Noia: ”Desolating Blaze” LP


Finally arrived and ready for order!

"Desolating Blaze" is already the sixth album by the Italian three-piece. Their formerly wild mix of speed metal deeply rooted in d-beat and hardcore punk has boiled down to a typical and unique Noia sound: a fierce old-school thrash beast with a striking black metal backbone and some classic 80s influences.
With its pure Norwegian style black metal parts, the record could be considered the darkest and grimmest they ever wrote, but it also shows the band marking some new stylistic territory with slow atmospheric songs. Noia 2022 put an emphasis on finding the sweet spot between brutal and technical to create great individual songs instead of just following the formula of specific genres – all tracks stand on their own and still manage to represent the band’s wide range. The album features a polished but organic analog sound, which gives the music just the right production without sounding deliberately underground-cheap; meaning it′s heavy as hell but doesn′t try too hard to display some trendy idea of ultra-backward black/thrash. 
In short: if you’re both into raw old-school black metal and authentic, skilled speed-thrash beyond the played-out retro hype you get to hear every day, Noia’s "Desolating Blaze" has six tailor-made anthems waiting for you!

Fvneral Fvkk: ”Carnal Confessions”

12” LP

Third press, edition of 500. Comes with 12-page booklet in square 21cm format.

Korpelarörelsen: ”Är du av den rätta tron”


12” gatefold double LP

„Är du av den rätta tron“ („Are you of the right faith?“) is a professional soundtrack production to an avantgarde theatrical extravaganza that’s been performed in Sweden anywhere from outdoor markets to royal state theaters since 2021 and is designated for premieres across the rest of Europa. The concept is modeled after the religious mass by an actual proto-satanic UFO-cult by the same name that was active 100 years ago. The lyrics chronologically deal with their history, their gospel and the speculative arrival of their prophecies and are versatilely accompanied by a wide range of musical means featuring a full metal band: sepulchral preachings of the prophet answered by his screaming disciples are accompanied by ambient synth-scapes and analog experimental noise, only to be interrupted by the rawest scandinavian black metal mixed with old-school death/thrash cannonades, before everything gives way to an infernal pagan metal heresy based on a Finnish folk song. 
Avantgarde meets underground meets radio drama, against the backdrop of real events – which are worth re-discovering not only for enthusiasts of the macabre and the occult, but for every fan of original, exceptional metal art.
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