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Pestlegion: ”Entsage Gott”

7” EP

Two new songs, which represent everything that embodies PESTLEGION in a nutshell: hypnotic tremolo riffing, demonic screams and storming blastbeats, somewhere between the grim aggression of Norwegian pioneer work and the precise fury of the Swedish trailblazers, with a dash of crude Finnish insanity. Nonetheless, PESTLEGION distinguish themselves from the bulk of the current and established domestic scene. Atmosphere is not achieved through endless repetition of simple motifs or obnoxious synth cues, but is based on versed songwriting and thought-out harmony. Despite all rawness, there′s always attention on melodies in tune with the distinctive message, to accomplish a catchy and coherent artwork. The whole is deliberately embedded in a sound design set for maximum noise and roughness, while still packing a clear modern punch.
In short: simply real, authentic black metal without compromises on an appealing technical level, which revives the true spirit while rejecting all modern post-metal conformity and imbecile political extremist provocation.